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We offer a solid selection of custom made furniture including, but not limited to; tables, beds, coffee tables, end tables, chairs, benches, coat racks, custom closets and the list goes on. We'll work with you to design just about anything you'd like to customize for your home, office or place of business. -- Just tell us what you want, and we'll make it happen!

Free Consultation

We want to understand every detail of your custom order. This is where the fun starts and we can't wait to make it happen for you!

Design and Estimate

We'll take your custom dreams and get to work on a design right away. We'll review the details with you, in person, and then finalize an estimate.

Deliver and Install

When production is complete, we'll schedule a time to deliver and, if necessary, install your newly customized JSQuared Design. We know you'll enjoy it!

Service Breakdown

where we spend our time

This is where we learn about you, your needs and how we can help you meet those needs. This is the fist step to find out if we can help you out. There's absolutely no pressure and the consultaiton doesn't cost a thing. It's important to us to know we can meet your needs.
Design & Estimate
We put together a design, we think matches your customization dreams. From there, we'll discuss and make final changes - then estimate the cost to deliver and install your final product.
Production Begins!
We'll turn the tools on and the sawdust will start to fly! We'll even contact you, to let you know work has started on your customized design. As we move forward, we'll stay in touch and let you know what the progress of the job is and even have you come by to take a look!
Delivery and Install
We'll have our office schedule a time, convienient for you, and we'll deliver and, if necesssary, install your new product. When we leave, you'll be fully satisified - we gurantee it.



Design & Estimate


Production Begins!


Delivery & Install

Some of

Our work

  • Custom Coffee Table

    with internal storage
    • Cofee Table Image 1
    • Coffee Table Image 2
    • Coffee Table Image 3

    Custom Coffee Table

    Made with premium pine for the base, birch shelving, and a completely customizable top made of aspen. This table is finished off with a rustic stain by one of our talented team members.

    Make it Yours

    We can make you one like this or customize it to fit your needs. You choose the wood species, dimensions, stain/finish and anything else you'd like us to do to make this a unique, one of a kind piece.

  • Custom Shadow Box

    custom rank/rate insignias

    Custom Shadow Box

    This shadow box is custom made to hold a standard flag. The rank and rate insignias were hand made and show amazing detail.

    Make it Yours

    This can be made for the military member, police officer or other government or public servant in your life. It's a great way to honor their service.

  • Custom Bunk Bed

    made or order
    • Bunk Bed Image 1
    • Bunk Bed Image 1

    Custom Bunk Bed

    This is a custom bunkbed made to fit your needs and let your kids have a great time!

    Make it Yours

    The dimensions can be customized, as can the wood species and stain/paint color. Whatever works best for you, works best for us.

    • Custom Dining Room Table

      with chairs and bench
      • Dining Table Image 1
      • Dining Table Image 2
      • Chairs Image 1

      Custom Dining Table

      This is an extremely nice pieces of furniture, made mainly from pine and stained to perfection. A bench made for little ones and custom chairs made to match.

      Make it Yours

      This table can be scaled up or down in size, depending on your needs. Your choice of wood species and stain. Whatever meets your needs, we'll make it.

      • Little Girl's Play Bed

        colored and styled to order
        • Little Girls Bed 1

        Little Girl's Play Bed

        This is the perfect bed for a little girl. The design allows for room underneath to play, you can put a toy kitchen, doll house or other toys underneath.

        Make it Yours

        This can be scaled up or down in size, depending on your needs. Your choice of wood species and stain and or paint. Just tell us what you (she) wants and we'll get it done!

Let's Get Started!

Contact us today for a free consultation. We'll discuss what you want customized and we'll get to work on the design. Call or email Joe or Jon, today - and we'll get to work for you right away.


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